Cat Muscles

As your cursor moves over the image below, it will change from arrow to hand - click on those "hotspots" and your browser will show a closeup view - both labeled and unlabeled - of the part of the cat you clicked on.

Images created and labeled by P. Gregory, Biology Department, Tyler Junior College.

NOTE: Images are free to use for non-commercial purposes.   Contact Betsy Ott for permission to publish.

WANT TO PRINT?  Because some of the images are rather large, you might prefer to save them to your hard drive, and then reformat by inserting into a word- or image- processing program.  Right click on any image to see the option of saving to your computer - just remember where you stored the file!

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ant_post_whole_cat2.gif 1.R thigh
2.L thigh
3.L thigh (deep)
4. abdomen
6.deep thorax
7.deeper thorax
10. shoulder/arm
11. deep arm

12. back
13. L buttock
14. L thigh
15.L leg
16.L leg (deep)